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Operating rules
of minigolf area

  • Each customer receives a play card, which serves both a ticket and a deposite for a lending of sports equipments as well.
  • Please give a deposite ( 100 Kč at least, a valuable thing, … ) for a lending of sports equipments. The deposite will be returned back.
  • The rules of minigolf are written on the play card.
  • Please walk only the paths.
  • A stepping on playing panels is forbidden under 200 Kč penalty.
  • Each player is responsible for his sports equipments. Loss or damage are fined (minigolf ball 50 Kč, minigolf stick 450 Kč).
  • Please behave well, throw rubbish away to the litters and keep fire safety during smoking.
  • Let us keep you on an amusing pleasure, an enthusiasm for the play and professional strokes!